Jackeline Bonilla-Manousos

Email:  Surveys@cwhjiusa.com
Tel:      +1 570 629 8401

Jackie joined the group in July 2013 and is the Cargo Claims Manager and Survey Co-ordinator for our USA office. Prior to joining the group, she began her career at a leading Insurance Broker as a Cargo Claims Adjuster. During this time, she handled a variety of her own accounts including numerous Fortune 500 and remained in that position for many years before transitioning to the Cargo Brokerage side as a Cargo Broker. She has 15+ years of experience in the Marine Industry.

Jackie has taken numerous Marine courses at the former College of Insurance located in Downtown NYC. Her specialty has been in the handling of Marine Cargo Claims however, she has expanded her knowledge to handle Freight Liability Claims, Motor Truck Cargo Claims and Surveying. She is fluent in Spanish and holds a bachelor’s Degree in business administration.